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    Bundy Hill

Bundy Hill

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Bundy Hill Off Road Park is located on 350 acres in Jerome, Michigan just West of the corner of US-12 and US-127. We have all terrain for all OHV & ATV's.

Bundy Hill is the Southeastern Michigan's Largest Privately Owned Off-road adventure park, full of winding wooded trails, sand, rock crawling, gravel hills, bottomless mud pits hood deep water, and hill climbs. They are constantly doing work to make sure you can find everything from mild to wild! In addition to this, member primitive camping is available during regular summer hours. We have rangers on duty to make sure our quests stay alcohol free and so as to keep the park family approved.

Multiple Trails

The trails at Bundy Hill Offroad are rated Green, Blue, Black and Red: ATV’s and Dirt Bikes are not allowed in the Meadows.

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